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Principal's Message

Carrie Arnett, Principal
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Dear Northside Families,
Northside has implemented a STEAM approach to education. STEAM is an approach that engages student learning around the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. STEAM aims to spark an interest and life long love of the arts and sciences in children from an early age. STEAM disciplines are similar in that they all involve creative processes and uses multiple methods for inquiry and investigation. These methods teach relevant, in demand skills that will prepare students to become competitive in an ever evolving world, not only for the future of our students but for the future of the country. By adding the Arts to the original STEM framework, important practices, such creative expression and problem solving further contribute to our increase student engagement and achievement and foster a lifelong love of learning.  
At Northside we are committed to providing an engaging, enriching and empowering program for our students.  Our teachers are trained in instructional techniques that deliver curriculum in an engaging format, which integrates hands-on approaches to learning. Field trips are also encouraged , in our own community, to help students make connections to the real world.  Our curriculum is enriched with opportunities for students to experience music, performing and visual arts. Our Science, MakerSpace and garden program continuing to grow, and will continue to serve all students at NSS.
We can’t say enough how fortunate we are to have support from our incredible parent organization and parent volunteers. The Northside PTA works tirelessly all year to support and raise money for the many enrichment programs offered at Northside. I personally encourage families to join and get involved in our PTA organization.  
It is a gift to be able to lead such an incredible team of educators and staff who are dedicated to educating the whole child, which includes addressing the social and emotional needs of our students.  I am excited and looking forward to the many exciting changes coming to our school this year.
Warmest wishes,
Carrie Arnett
Principal, Northside STEAM School