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Principal's Message

Carrie Arnett, PrincipalTop of Page

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Dear Northside Families,
Northside is rolling full STEAM ahead in our efforts to transform our school into a STEAM focused elementary school.  STEAM uses science, technology, arts and math as a springboard for learning. Students are engaged with project-based curriculum that focuses on cooperation and problem solving. STEAM education’s goal is to better prepare our students for jobs in the 21st century.  We are very proud of our new science lab, created to house our 4-6th grade science elective. This space has been transformed into a functional and high-tech space. Our new lab has been designed with project-based learning in mind. The classroom has space for instruction and project-based, hands on learning. Equipped with a new interactive whiteboard and new science equipment, our students are ready to experience a first-rate science program.  
At Northside we are committed to providing an engaging, enriching and empowering program for our students.  Our teachers are trained in instructional techniques that deliver curriculum in an engaging format, which integrates hands-on approaches to learning. Field trips are also encouraged , in our own community, to help students make connections to the real world.  Our curriculum is enriched with opportunities for students to experience music, performing and visual arts. Our MakerSpace program is continuing to grow, and will expand to our younger learners this year. We empower student leaders to serve their school and community through our Rocky’s Rangers school service commissions. Last year, over 60 students participated each semester and this year we are hoping to include even more.
Not many schools can boast about an extensive garden, but we can, and are very proud of our Garden of Learning program. Our recent Teichert grant will fund a much needed greenhouse.  This will provide a wonderful opportunity for our students to harvest and grow year-round. The greenhouse will also provide an outdoor extension to our science lab.
We can’t say enough how fortunate we are to have support from our incredible parent organization and parent volunteers. The Northside PTA works tirelessly all year to support and raise money for the many enrichment programs offered at Northside. I personally encourage families to join and get involved in our PTA organization.  
It is a gift to be able to lead such an incredible team of educators and staff who are dedicated to educating the whole child, which includes addressing the social and emotional needs of our students.  I am excited and looking forward to the many exciting changes coming to our school this year.
Warmest wishes,
Carrie Arnett
Principal, Northside STEAM School